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Abi and Margaret

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Based in Suffolk, England, we are a small family team headed by Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi (see picture, from left to right: Abi & Margaret). Since establishing the Essential Care brand as a trademark and mail order company in 2003, we have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth.

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I've discovered Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which is the ultimate - I can't live without it!
Denise Van Outen Actress
Calendula stops my nose from getting red and raw - I love it.
Sarah Beeney Television presenter
Essential Care are the best products; they leave my skin refreshed, clean and bright!! Love them!
Rachel McDowall Actress
My favourites Nuz & Essential Care keep my skin flawless.
Ashley Lilley Actress


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Natural Cleanse | Silk Touch Wash off Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Award Winnig Silk Touch Cleanser

Awards and Certifications

  • Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award
  • How much Silk Touch Cleanser to use
  • How to use Odylique Silk Touch Cleanser
  • Independently Certified Organic by the Soil Association
  • Cruelty Free
  • Elite Magazine Award Winner 2016 - Editor's Choice
  • Natural Health Magazine Award 2016

Silk Touch Cleanser

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A gel-to-milk cleanser suitable for all skin types. Its smoothing, hydrating effect makes Silk-Touch particularly suited to dry, mature skin.

This unique double-action natural face wash deeply cleanses and removes make-up whilst providing the ultimate in skin comfort and long-lasting rehydration. Detergent and preservative-free, it is highly recommended for very sensitive skin.

Massage gently in a circular motion over face, neck and around eyes. Apply damp fingertips or cotton pads to rinse.

Its oil-gel texture absorbs all make-up and impurities then on contact with water, instantly transforms into a light, easy-rinse milk leaving your skin incredibly soft, silky-smooth, clean and moisturised.

Offering all the benefits of gentle cleansing with wash-off freshness, it leaves behind no oily residue or dryness and provides up to 8 hours of rehydration

“Rehydrates the skin, leaving it cleansed and silky smooth to the touch.”   WeWereRaisedByWolves, Blog


  • Hydrating vitamin E/omega 6-rich cold-pressed sunflower oil
  • Soothing and cleansing castor bean oil
  • Purifying and calming lavender


  • Suitable for Vegans.
  • 100% natural, 98% organic
  • Product is Soil Association certified organic
  • Free from common allergen tree nut oils, wheat, soy, dairy
  • We use recyclable packaging that was manufactured in the UK and Western Europe. It has not been air freighted to us.
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21 Reviews For Silk Touch Cleanser

  1. Star Rating


    Having suffered with sensitive/reactive skin since having my daughter 26 years ago, I have continuously struggled to find something that doesn't react with my skin. Therefore I'm amazed by the results of this cleanser and saw instant improvement from day one! Early days but I'm praying this is the one from me as I love this and the other products I've received from yourselves.

  2. Star Rating


    Wow ... This is my third order from yourselves and I am still astounded by the quality of your products. Why did I not find you sooner? Could not wait to try this after it arrived today along with 3 samples of moisturisers which I will try over the next few days (Experience has taught me not to overload different products quickly as I need to find which suits me best). This cleanser is so soothing for my ultra sensitive skin (which has flared up even more aggressively over the last year due to stress over a close family bereavement).
    It has not caused any reaction to my skin whatsoever and believe me, you just need to pass me in the street and say "boo" to me and my skin will get scared and flare up!!!. This cleanser has such a beautiful delicate aroma and creamy consistency which is so easy to put on and wash off and does not leave my skin dry, sore, blotchy and tight as other products have for the last xxx years (more than I care to mention) of my life!!!! Okay, okay ... I own up to being over 60, but I hope younger generations now seriously take heed of looking after their skin and enjoy the natural products you make. THANK YOU to the team who make these lovely products and also to the team who process our orders on a daily basis :).

  3. Star Rating


    This creamy cleanser is so very soothing to my dry, sensitive skin. I can’t wait to wash my face with it everyday! It has a very subtle, pleasant aroma.
    Another wonderful product that I love! Thank you!

  4. Star Rating


    I had high hopes for this cleanser as I've used some other products and liked them, however, my skin went blotchy and spotty, maybe the moisturising layer isn't for me. It did remove my make up really well though. I'd still try other cleansers and will definitely buy the avocado moisturiser again.

  5. Star Rating


    I like the way this cleanser becomes creamy when water is added and love the scent. When I first tried a sample of this cleanser that I had been sent I found it a little too heavy and a few spots appeared. However, since stopping my HRT, I now find that this cleanser is good for my slightly drier skin.

  6. Star Rating


    I like to have a product in the shower for cleaning my face in the morning and so tried this. It was very nice, however the only thing I didn't like was that the product seems to have absorbed the smell of the plastic container? It is a shame, as I like the way the product goes creamy with the addition of a bit of water. Am going to try another cleanser and see if the same issue - I appreciate recycling is good, but just don't like that subtle smell of plastic.

    [Odylique Reply]

    Hi Sarah, glad to hear you like the Silk Touch Cleanser! We can't say we have come across this before... there shouldn't be a connection between recycled plastic and a smell. There’s no compromise on quality, just kindness to the environment. It may be that storing/using it in a hot steamy shower might release a slight plastic smell – not to mention shorten the 'period after opening' (PAO) of the skin care product (and not especially designed to be used in the shower!) Do let us know if you come across the problem with another product though.

  7. Star Rating


    This is the best cleanser I have used by far! The oily texture is gentle on the skin and by adding water the oil turns into a milk that dissolves make-up.

  8. Heather2/7/2017

    I have used many cleansers over the years and this is by far the best one. I love that it goes on like an oil so it is gentle on the skin and once water is added it turns into a milk that washes away make-up easily. Highly recommended.

  9. Star Rating


    I love this cleanser, it feels supersoft on the skin and my skin is supersoft after using it. It is my favourite evening cleanser as I don't like night moisturisers, just a spritz of toner. It has a lovely smell and is great for removing make-up too. It is quite a thick consistency so you have to pay attention when applying it to make sure it gets everywhere you want but the great thing about that is you're in control, it's not drippy! A lovely soft clean fleeling results after rinsing with water.

  10. Star Rating

    Sue C12/19/2016

    I was curious to try this as I do like wash off cleansers but find them drying for my skin. This is a gel which is so silky and easy to massage over face and neck and then when water splashed on skin turns into a soft milk. It has the advantage over cream cleansers in that it that washes off easily. I have found that my skin does not feel dry and I rate this as one of the best cleansers I have used. It has no scent which suits me and now on second bottle as have had no reaction to it. (Have very sensitive skin).

  11. Star Rating


    I don't use make up that often but when I do I usually use neat coconut oil to remove it because my skin is prone to react to just about any cleanser I've ever tried. Its not that effective but in the absence of an alternative and the expense of ongoing trials of various products it would do. So I was pleased to discover that Odylique offer a smaller tube at a lower price. I was even more pleased to discover that not only does this take make up off but eye make up too!! Silky is the right description for this product because it feels silky when putting it on and leaves your skin feeling silky when you take it off. If your skin is as tricky as mine then I recommend trying this product over the creamy coconut cleanser which seems to be more astringent and I find a tad burny and that's probably because of the lemon whereas this one is simply silky :-)

  12. Star Rating


    I had been using the Creamy Coconut Cleanser, but received this a Free Gift and as I have mature skin thought I'd give it a go - I am very glad I did! It is a bit unusual when you first use it, it is almost like putting vaseline on your skin, but don't be put off because when you add water using your fingers it turns into a delightful soft milk which easily washes off. My skin is incredibly soft and smooth after use and definitely looks so much better. Please give this a try, you will not be disappointed - it's LOVELY! Oh, I nearly forgot I really like the smell as well.

  13. Star Rating


    My skin is dry, and feels tight and prickly even when rinsed with water. I use this cleanser in the shower every morning, and my skin feels clean and hydrated. Perfect - and highly recommended.

  14. Star Rating


    I have tried this cleanser three times now. Each time it failed to go milky and water-soluble, but left behind a greasy film. I had to remove it with soap and water. I really don't know what I am doing wrong.

    Meanwhile, I have reverted to my previous Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash.

    [Odylique Reply]

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your review. Just wanted to mention that the ‘greasy film’ left behind is likely the moisturising layer from the glycerine – STC is wonderful for removing make up and hydrates the skin at the same time. Strange that it doesn't go milky – I suspect that a little more water was needed! The hydration layer this cleanser leaves makes it super for mature and very dry skin, but less suited to combination and oily skin for which the Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash is definitely the cleanser to go for!

  15. Star Rating


    I have now been using this product and have come to love it. It took me a while to get used to this product but I am glad I stayed with it. It really is a lovely product

  16. Star Rating


    I have been using this for a while now, I am not a lover of this product. I do not like the feel of the product when first put on skin, and I found that it did not go milky with damp fingers/wash cloth. Having said this, this is my own personal opinion. I will try the milky cleanser next time.

    [Odylique Reply]

    Hi Julie,
    Sorry to hear you weren't a fan of the product! In order to achieve full appreciation of the product, it is best to rinsed off with water (probably more than you would have on a damp finger) so that you achieve the milky formulation, which assists in hydrating the skin and leaving it clean and moisturised.
    We'd love to hear how you get on if you decide to try it again, or have a go with the Creamy Coconut Cleanser!

  17. Star Rating


    Odylique's Silk Touch Cleanser has a great Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil and Castor Bean Oil base which thoroughly rehydrates the skin, leaving it cleansed (but without any tight dryness) and silky smooth to the touch. The gentle formula transforms into a light 'milk' once you add a little water to it, and I've found that is also removes non-waterproof makeup very well.

  18. Star Rating


    Although my combination skin usually behaves itself, in winter it gets very sensitive, flaky and dry with sometimes small patches of eczema, especially on the cheeks. I have tried many organic products for YEARS and have never found anything to calm it down. Until now! I switched my facial skincare over to Odylique a few weeks ago and the flakiness has almost completely gone and the patch of eczema is disappearing! I use this silk touch cleanser and the rose moisturiser. The cleanser is non-drying and non-irritating but also works well on my combination skin - I have had less spots since using it. All in all my face has completely calmed down. I look forward to trying more of the range, and I finally look forward to having beautiful skin in winter! Thank you Odylique! :)

  19. Star Rating


    Simply the best make up remover I have ever used. Lasts for very long !

  20. Star Rating


    Odylique silk touch cleanser starts off as a gel, which when applied to dry skin is an oil which is easy to massage into your skin. If you add water it becomes milky and can be rinsed off by slashing water on your face, I prefer a hot cloth to remove the cleanser and this comes off easily and does not leave a residue on your skin, all makeup including mascara is gone and skin feels smooth, not dry or tight. I try to use natural products where possible and this is a great cleanser for my dehydrated and sensitive skin, no itching or discomfort. Well done odylique

  21. Star Rating


    Due to the heavy makeup I wear I need 3 steps to clean my face.
    My second step includes this baby here. I use it under the shower and it's so light and soft on my skin - it's heavenly! I have very dry skin and anything that feels even a bit bad on my skin gets thrown away.
    I like the smell of the product and the fact that it actually cleans the skin very well! And I have proved that by cleaning my face after it with micellar water and the cotton pad was absolutely clean :)
    Another great job Odilyque!

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Aqua, Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Glycerine**, Ricinis communis seed oil*, Sucrose laurate, Cananga odorata flower oil*, Lavandula hybrida oil*.

Plain English: Water, Cold-pressed sunflower oil*, Non-palm plant glycerine**, Castor oil*, Sugar emulsifier, Essential oils of Lavender* and Ylang ylang*

*Made with organic ingredients **Organic origin (total 98.4%)

press reviews

Press Reviews

How to Use

tips and advice

Splash the face with warm water and apply a pumps worth of product to the finger tips and massage gently in a circular motion over face, being careful around the eye and mouth area. When the product meets water, the gel formulation changes to a light milky consistency. Rinse away the milky cleanser with water or use a warm damp cloth to wipe off the remaining product, leaving skin clean, soft and smooth. Margaret's Tip: Use a warm cloth or muslin and drape over the face after applying Silk Touch Cleanser for an extra deep clean.