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Abi and Margaret

Odylique & Our Story

Based in Suffolk, England, we are a small family team headed by Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi (see picture, from left to right: Abi & Margaret). Since establishing the Essential Care brand as a trademark and mail order company in 2003, we have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth.

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I've discovered Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which is the ultimate - I can't live without it!
Denise Van Outen Actress
Calendula stops my nose from getting red and raw - I love it.
Sarah Beeney Television presenter
Essential Care are the best products; they leave my skin refreshed, clean and bright!! Love them!
Rachel McDowall Actress
My favourites Nuz & Essential Care keep my skin flawless.
Ashley Lilley Actress


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Organic Face Oil | Facial Oil | Vitamin C Serum

Award Winnig Superfruit Concentrate

Awards and Certifications

  • The Green Beauty Bible Award Winner
  • Independently Certified Organic by the Soil Association
  • Natural Health Magazine Award 2016
  • Elite Magazine Award Winner 2016 - Best 'Make Up Base' Face Oil

Superfruit Concentrate

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This facial oil is perfect for normal to dry skin or mature skin, to target all aspects of skin aging.

100% organic, this exceptional synergy of 5 omega fatty acids, plus antioxidant vitamins and nature’s miracle phytosterols, works to boost moisture, cell renewal and collagen synthesis for smooth, instantly radiant skin

Smooth 2-3 drops over the face daily or when your skin needs an instant radiance boost - Vibrant plant polyphenols provide a natural tint for added brightness.

Research** shows that organically grown fruit has significantly higher levels of polyphenols – the powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin against free radical damage – than non-organic.

It’s the ultimate pre-party pick me up (also makes a great base for makeup), or morning-after 2 second rescue!

“The Organic Superfruit Concentrate though is honestly the best serum I've ever used and I absolutely love it!! It nourishes and feels amazing and you only need to use the littlest bit to get the most out of it! It also smells divine!! “ Sabrina, Customer


  • Cell-regenerating and UV-damage protecting sea buckthorn
  • Protecting and repairing pomegranate
  • Smoothing and cell-renewing rosehip
  • Hydrating and vitamin-replenishing avocado       


  • 100% natural, 100% organic
  • Product is Soil Association certified organic
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Free from common allergen tree nut oils, soy, wheat or dairy
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • 1.0 fl.oz

Directions: Gently massage 1 or 2 drops into face and neck over your daily moisturiser to 'lock in' moisture and aid better absorbtion of both products. Can be used as a night-time treat or occasional boosting treatment. Also good for very dry or mature skins to create an even, moisturised base for make up.

**Research undertaken by Amodio M and Kader A (2007), University of California and Fauriel J, Bellon S, Pienet D, and Amiot MJ (2007), 'On-farm influence of production patterns on total polyphenol content in peach', Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress of European Integrated Project Quality Low Input Food, University of Hohenheim, Germany, March 2007

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47 Reviews For Superfruit Concentrate

  1. Sally 6/8/2018

    I was slightly wary about the colour but this give a lovely glow effect to the skin. It absorbs quickly and is really lovely on my dry skin. I use mineral powder foundation and it makes a great base for that too.

  2. Star Rating


    Gives a nice glow to the skin

  3. Star Rating


    Bought the trial size, love the serum and now back to buy the full size.

  4. Star Rating


    This has changed my skin! I have been struggling to deal with my extremely dry, sensitive skin all winter. I couldn’t even use natural makeup without having severe redness and exzema result. Once I used this, almost overnight, I saw a huge change! I don’t even need to wear much makeup anymore! My husband says I look ten years younger! :)
    I love all the Odylique products I’ve tried! Thank you!!

  5. Star Rating


    I moved from London to the Highlands 5yrs ago, changing my lifestyle to one that is outdoors everyday, in all weathers. My skin was already sensitive, so the only downside of making this move has been how irritated my skin has become because of the environment i'm in.

    I have only recently found this brand, before this my skin was only relieved by having a facial every 8wks to stop me scratching away like a dog! However, after a few days/nights of using this (alongside repair lotion at night and rose day cream and rose tonic) my skin has completely calmed and i couldn't be without these products. Like another reviewer, i wish i had taken before/after pics. Initially the colour and consistency of this product were a little surprising, i almost wondered if it would stain— it's so dark and dense, it doesn't stain at all, but you do need to get used to knowing how much (very little!) is required to avoid an oily mess.
    I'm very sceptical about beauty products and their claims, have always stuck to simple, natural brands, mostly Neals Yard, which I think is good, but the difference in the feel and appearance of my skin since using these products is incomparable.

  6. Star Rating


    I bought the full size bottle after trying the sample size & finding that it was perfect as a make up base under foundation. What I also discovered though, was that I felt confident enough to just use this instead of a foundation. It gave a hint of colour, & a definite “glow” to my skin. When using I initially used it on my face before applying foundation , but found that it works really well when “dropped” on to the back of my hand then adding the foundation to it & blending prior to application. This also works brilliantly under face powders if you want to “matte” the effect of it. I did find that the pump applicator/ dropper system didn’t really “work “, only in so far as the concentrate dropped on to my hand without me having to press the dispenser/ dropper top, so I had to be careful that not too much came out! Also the drops were bigger than when I’d used the sample bottle with its inbuilt (smaller aperture) dropper. Highly recommend this product & great value for money.

  7. Star Rating

    Gemma 11/19/2017

    My skin seems softer and my complexion brighter after using this for a few weeks. I found the application system a bit messy at first but soon got the hang of it. It hasn't made my combination skin break out, which is unusual.

  8. Star Rating


    I like it. I've only got tester size, but it is enough to see how it is affecting my skin. It leaves silky feel and not oily at all as I've expected at the beginning. Will definitely order more when will run out.

  9. Star Rating


    I have been looking for a solution for a night time moisturiser to go with the Timeless Rose Moisturiser and something a little bit extra for the winter months. It was recommended that I try the Superfruit Concentrate and I love it! I just add 2 drops to my rose moisturiser at night and my skin feels much more hydrated. It mixes well with the moisturiser and smells lovely - gives my skin a much needed boost.

  10. Star Rating


    The superfruit concentrate has become an essential part of my daily cleansing and moisturising routine. I love how velvety it makes my skin feel, especially on décolletage area. I feel I can no longer do without this amazing product.

  11. Star Rating


    I tried so many creams in my past and consequently spent hundreds of euros. Two months ago I discovered your products and I am very satisfied with them. I use the rose moisturizer, the avocado cream, superfruit concentrate. My skin loves the products.
    Thank you.

  12. Star Rating


    I got this product as a tester, which was a lovely surprise within my purchases as it was something I had thought about purchasing but wanted to try out the other products before purchasing the other items. Although it has a very planty scent it is something you can get very used to as now it just makes me genuinely think how different this product is to others with all those chemicalised (not a word ha) parfumes.. It is amazingly lightweight and is what I use over my Mario badescu night time moisturiser. I would only use this serum at night after my routine so it has longer to sink in. My skin feels very rejuvenated even though I'm only 23 years of age but if you have difficulty with uneven textures, redness etcetera then this serum is perfect for you! I will be buying it in its full size once I have finished the sample bottle. Highly recommend!!

  13. Star Rating


    I was a bit wary of the bright colour at first, and at first I was using too much. Just three pumps is plenty, and it doesn't really make me look like I've been Tangoed! It's easy to apply and smells lovely. In the morning, my skin looks radiant and plump. I can't really comment much on the effect on wrinkles as, even though I'm 52, I hardly have any at all - perhaps it's due to using this product. Well, I've been using Essential Care/Odylique products (not exclusively) for some time now and people often tell me I look young for my age - thanks, Odylique! I love this product.

  14. Star Rating


    What a oil/serum so light and glides onto your skin and sinks in lovely. A little goes a long way. I only used 3 pumps for my face so it will last a while. The smell is like nature as been bottled like your walking through the herb garden and strolling through the flower beds. This will be a keeper love it and love the whole range can not wait to try more.

  15. Star Rating


    Used sample to try, didn't see any difference on my skin so wo't be ordering a full size

  16. Star Rating


    This is a really amazing product, i love it. It is really thick oil that sinks into the skin and makes a perfect base for make up. It smells lovely and and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Too early to say if my wrinkles are better but my skin is definitely more hydrated. I use this over the top of the rose moisturiser. Since having chemotherapy i have thrown away all of my expensive products which contained bad ingredients but have struggled to find products that would help my skin and make me feel happy to use. My skin suffers with spots and redness and is very sensitive to products. after just a few days use the spots are now healing quickly and the redness is much improved. This seems to be the product i have been looking for and i just wish i had found it sooner. I will be trying other products from this range.

  17. Star Rating


    I have terribly, frustratingly sensitive skin. I tried this serum for the first time and love it. It is light but moisturizing and so gentle. It has given my skin a beautiful glow.

  18. Star Rating


    Should've added as a tip to anyone else considering using it at night like I do sometimes: Don't panic at any staining of your pillowcase. It comes out in the wash if you include a scoop of Vanish.

  19. Star Rating


    I have tricky skin and thanks to a recommendation from Rivers Remedies in Waterloo a couple of years ago, I was introduced to Odylique's Superfruit Concentrate and have never looked back. I don't wear make up very often and the slight tinting properties of one of the oils (sorry not sure which one it is) means I don't get that pasty winter tone anymore either. As its an oil, I do switch to using it at night rather than in the morning if I am going to be outdoors in warmer climbs during the day or in strong winter sun.

  20. Star Rating


    I've enjoyed using this product - it does seem to add a nice level of moisture to my skin and so I'm ordering my second bottle today.

  21. Star Rating

    Petra from behealthynow.co.uk11/30/2016

    This oil is just wonderful, one of the best facial oils I’ve ever tried. Its powerful ingredients will leave your skin nourished and make it glow but most of all they will tackle your fine lines and prevent any more damage from happening. This oil makes a great winter skincare staple. Highly recommended.
    Read full review on my blog here: http://www.behealthynow.co.uk/natural-beauty/odylique-superfruit-concentrate-review/

  22. Star Rating


    I'm in my early forties with dry skin and have suffered from sensitivity since my early twenties. Usually after about 4 days of using a new product, I'll get one or two annoying spots. I never get acne apart from the spots associated with new cosmetics. There are a few brands that I know I can trust and I tend to stick to those. Odylique has become one of those brands. The superfruit concentrate is lovely. It doesn't have a strong smell but there is something reassuringly natural about the scent. I use two drops at night instead of moisturiser. It is oil-free and I prefer to use an oil-free night-time treatment to give my skin time to breathe and repair itself. Two drops is all you need. There is a warming feeling to its application and the skin feels protected. My face still feels soft in the morning, whereas usually on waking my skin would've felt dry. I've also tried using one drop on top of my moisturiser and it feels like it seals the moisture in - which I think is why it recommends applying it over rather than under your moisturiser, which had confused me at first. Keep up the good work, Odylique!

    [Odylique Reply]
    Absolutely – that is exactly the reason! The Superfruit Concentrate helps seal in the moisturiser (which is water-based), so this is why we recommend moisturiser first and Superfruit over the top.

  23. Star Rating


    A gorgeous easily absorbed serum which makes my son feel soft, smooth and plumped up. Great for my rosacea.

  24. Star Rating


    I usually use this serum before bedtime. Makes my skin softer and more radiant. Pleasant, natural smell. Even my husband loves it!
    I would recommend it to any age group or gender.

  25. Star Rating


    Love this serum, I use on my face twice a day. Skin feels like babysoft????

  26. Star Rating


    I loved the fruity aroma and light texture of this ever lasting serum. My skin felt enriched with something special! As always, well done Odylique!

  27. Star Rating


    First tried this product after receiving a tester from Essential Care. Absolutely loved it and bought a bottle later one. It lasts very long and is a great value for money that dramatically improves the moisture and protection of your skin.

  28. Star Rating


    I'm glad I ordered a tester sample when I was ordering my usual products. This is so silky in application and not at all heavy or tacky once on. Heavenly. Have ordered a larger size now as I'm converted.

  29. Star Rating


    I have been using this once a day at night time. I have found that my skin is looking so much better and alive. I absolutely love it. Would highly recommend it.

  30. Star Rating


    This is something I hope I never have to be without !
    I either put it on top of my moisturiser or mix it into almond oil for my whole face and neck area.
    Having very sensitive mature and dry skin plus chemical sensitivities I am wholly relaxed about using these natural skin products, and this serum, I find, gives me an extra boost as my skin drinks it up. Just divine !!

  31. Star Rating


    I use this weekend evenings, I have ageing skin and this is a real treat. Gives skin a natural glow, highly recommend.

  32. Star Rating


    I have never been able to use a facial oil without breaking out (I've tried a few). This is different. It absorbs beautifully, feels instantly hydrating and does give you a glow. I layer it under the Rose Moisturiser as a bed time treat and the aroma is so relaxing.

  33. Star Rating

    Always organic5/14/2015

    This product is really awesome, I find that this does produce an instant glow, skin looks more radiant and healthier within minutes (especially good for neck area, even good when used sparingly in eye area).

  34. Star Rating


    I am 34 and I have combination skin which in winter becomes flaky, dry and prone to eczema, especially on the cheeks. I have tried many organic ranges over the years and nothing has helped. Until now! I have recently switched all my facial skincare products to Odylique and I have seen a vast improvement in my skin. I use the super fruit concentrate before going out in the cold, as I find it gives me an additional, protective layer of moisture that prevents my skin getting dry and sore. The anti-ageing benefits are a fabulous bonus that make me love putting it on even more!

  35. Star Rating


    Absolutely love it in any season. My skin feels enriched with moisture and vitamins! Lovely aroma and great results. Best value for your money

  36. Star Rating


    As winter is now here, the weather has been unpredictable as normal, cold, dry, wet, misty and foggy, windy.... etc! I have a small sample size that I have kept aside to use now the colder winter weather has come, and this is a hard worker, even when I have been outside for just a few minutes this has kept my skin soothed, still has moisture and has protected my skin, and its smells divine too! A little goes a long way and as it gets colder and dare I say the snow and ice conditions come this is one |I will put on my skin to keep it calm and happy (I have reactive skin and it dries out easy, eczema is also an issue for me) I love it!

  37. Star Rating


    Leaves my skin feeling smooth with a warm glow. Love it.

  38. Star Rating


    This product is definitely fantastic. Although used not by me, by my mother, as a gift which i gave her. It changed her view about organic natural cosmetics, which was rather skeptical before. Now she is very happy to use it. Its really making skin so silky smooth and soft. So perfect for everyday use for mature skin.

  39. Star Rating


    I love this product. I occasionally use it during summer, but it does magic to my sensitive skin during winter. It helps to keep my skin hydrated, it makes it soft and glowing. It's really amazing!

  40. Star Rating


    This product is amazing! An essential part of my daily moisturising. I use it sometimes two to three times a day whenever I feel the need. It makes my skin feel lovely, without feeling oily. And the slight tint makes me glow warmly.

  41. Star Rating


    the Superfruit Concentrate is exquisitely beautiful and makes me glow!

  42. Star Rating

    Green Beauty Bible tester9/11/2013

    Feels rich, oily and full of nutrients; pleasant enough smell, definitely brighter healthier looking skin; my eye lines loved it and drank it up.

  43. Star Rating

    Green Beauty Bible tester9/11/2013

    Loved this product, after one pump of oil at night, my skin was softer and more radiant! - not my usual grey pallor.

  44. Star Rating

    Green Beauty Bible tester9/11/2013

    Fine lines less noticeable, lovely to wake up to really soft skin - it really delivers.

  45. Star Rating

    Green Beauty Bible tester9/11/2013

    Surprised at the noticeable results: skin plumper smoother and much brighter, fewer blemishes and free of congested pores.

  46. Star Rating

    Green Beauty Bible9/8/2013

    “It really delivers” [Superfruit Concentrate]

  47. Star Rating


    I absolutely love face serums, but I do find it tricky to find one that isn't too oily, as I have sensitive skin and find some serums iritating. The Organic Superfruit Concentrate though is honestly the best serum I've ever used and I absolutely love it!! It nourishes and feels amazing and you only need to used the littelest bit to get the most out of it! It also smells divine!! I especially love it after I've been out or partied hard and my face has been full of make up and clubing atmosphere and so forth, it just brings everything back to lovely lol!!

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Ingredients: Persea gratissima fruit oil*, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, Rosa canina fruit extract*, Punica granatum seed extract*, Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract*, Rosmarinus officinalis extract*

Plain English: Cold-pressed avocado oil*, Jojoba oil*, Concentrated extracts of Pomegranate*, Rosehip*, Rosemary* and Sea buckthorn fruit*

*Organically grown/produced (100% of product)

press reviews

Press Reviews

“It’s rare to find 100% organic serums that do as much as this one”
Eve magazine, April 2008

“My eye lines loved it and drank it up”
Beauty Bible testing panel

Recommended as a neck cream by YOU Magazine (June 2010)

“It really delivers” [Superfruit Concentrate] Green Beauty Bible testing panel

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