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Abi and Margaret

Odylique & Our Story

Based in Suffolk, England, we are a small family team headed by Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi (see picture, from left to right: Abi & Margaret). Since establishing the Essential Care brand as a trademark and mail order company in 2003, we have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth.

Celebrity Comments

I've discovered Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which is the ultimate - I can't live without it!
Denise Van Outen Actress
Calendula stops my nose from getting red and raw - I love it.
Sarah Beeney Television presenter
Essential Care are the best products; they leave my skin refreshed, clean and bright!! Love them!
Rachel McDowall Actress
My favourites Nuz & Essential Care keep my skin flawless.
Ashley Lilley Actress


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Natural Repair Lotion for Dry Itchy Skin | Repair Lotion Sensitive Dry Skin

Repair Lotion

Awards and Certifications

  • Free From Skin Care Awards 2014
  • Odylique Organic Repair Lotion 60ml
  • Natural Health Magazine Award 2016
  • Natural Health Magazine Award 2016
  • Cruelty Free
  • Independently Certified Organic by the Soil Association

Repair Lotion

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Repair Lotion to calm and aid the repair of distressed, dry and itchy skin on your face or body. May be suitable for skin prone to eczema. 

A time-honoured favourite, originally created by Margaret for hers and her family’s eczema-prone skin, and now recommended by homeopathic doctors.

Apply to affected area 3-4 times daily. To maintain hydration of very dry skin, follow with frequent light applications of our Ultra Rich Balm.

“The Repair Lotion is a life-saver. My skin was an absolute mess and I was getting depressed until I started using it. It’s clearing up now”  J.Z., Customer


  • Calming biodynamic chickweed to ease itching
  • Anti-inflammatory chamomile
  • Soothing calendula to promote healing
  • Rapid reparative aloe juice
  • Protective hypericum


  • Suitable for Vegans
  • 100% natural, 94% organic
  • Product is certified to Soil Association organic standards
  • Free from common allergen tree nut oils, wheat, soy, dairy
  • We use recyclable packaging

If you suffer from eczema or any other allergy, please download our Eczema information guide.

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54 Reviews For Repair Lotion

  1. Star Rating


    As I was hoping this is more absorbent, smoother and absorbs more easily into the skin than the Ultra balm which tends to sit on the skin like a balm barrier.
    I used this when my face had turned bright red in my first ever skin reaction to another natural product I was trying...this cream soothed and moisturised all but my two most sensitive spots either side of my nose, and on those the ultra balm did the job. Mine was a sample, I preferred it to the rose moisturiser as I am not keen on the rose smell. The avocado moisturiser was also good, but I personally prefer this, hard to say why, maybe it just moisturised a bit more.

  2. Star Rating


    I use this on my eczema to help moisturize it and keep it from getting too flaky. It works really well to help keep it somewhat under control! It's by no means a cure for it though (which I wasn't expecting anyway). Plus I love the eczema guide that comes with it - very handy.

  3. Sally 5/13/2018

    I had a parch of very itchy dry skin appear on my lower leg a few weeks ago and nothing I tried helped . It was getting redder more unsightly and itchy to the point of driving me mad. I got a sample of the repair lotion and as soon as I put it on it felt cooling/soothing and in 2 days has improved it by 50%. So I've just ordered the full size and hope my second sample sachet lasts until it arrives. Amazing product.

  4. Star Rating


    I used this overnight on the face to calm down my sensitive, red and itchy skin due to rosacea. It seems to work really well as I got an instant calming effect and did wake up with the irritation having subsided a bit after only one use - so I will definitely keep using this.

  5. Star Rating


    This is my granddaughter and daughter’s favourite moisturiser as it cools down the skin and is lovely and soft

  6. Star Rating


    I love the repair lotion - it's really effective in healing problem areas, such as really dry, sore skin. And it smells so comforting!

  7. Star Rating


    I don't think I'll ever use another lotion. I've been searching for a silicone-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free, essential oil-free, and vegan lotion. This is all of that and it *works*. I use this lotion all over, and particularly my hands that were previously dry due to frequent washing. This lotion keeps my hands and other body parts moisturized and supple. Thank you Odylique for your commitment to excellent products without comprising on ingredients or ethics. This is a fantastic company that I will continue to enthusiastically support.

  8. Star Rating

    Deborah Tayler8/21/2017

    Repair Lotion and the advice on your excema information sheet have saved my husband from a lifetime of "..." use. We can’t thank you enough for producing your helpful excema information sheet. On it you mentioned that one of the reasons for excema constantly recurring is the existence of bacteria which colonise the irritated skin. Of course, using heavy duty steroid creams reduce inflammation effectively, but encourage bacteria to flourish even more because they suppress the immune response. Your information sheet was the first time we had come across this – the Dermatologist certainly never mentioned it. My husband tried to wean himself gradually off "..." onto a weaker steroid cream in the hope of coming off them altogether, but it would always flare up again immediately. His excema was all over his back, which is a large area to have to use "..." almost indefinitely, with its undesirable side effects.

    Using this information, we made up our own protocol as follows:
    Twice a day – first thing in the morning and after a shower at night – I sprayed colloidal silver over the entire area to kill bacteria, and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Then I applied a liberal layer of Repair Lotion and let that dry (about another 5 minutes). Job done! His excema started to improve by about the 3rd day, and after a fortnight was gone completely. He had it before that for about 2 years continuously, and was in various degrees of agony!

    Thank you so much!

    [Odylique Reply]

    Thank you for this lovely review, Deborah!
    To anyone who would like to read our info sheet, it is available here: https://www.odylique.co.uk/media/pdfs/Allergy_Pron

  9. Star Rating


    This lotion is the only one that has cleared up my facial eczema which I have been suffering from for the past year. I have used the lotion for the past 3 months. My skin was itchy, red, very dry and flaky. Sometimes I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night scratching my face (wearing cotton gloves did not help). I did not want to use hydrocortisone as it will thin the skin with long term use. After applying the Repair lotion 2-4 times a day, along with the Ultra Rich Balm, my eczema showed signs of improvement after 5 days. In just 3 weeks my skin completely healed! I also used the Creamy Coconut Cleanser which did not irritate or dry out my skin. I now use the lotion twice a day for prevention purposes. I would recommend the lotion to anyone who is suffering from facial eczema or irritated skin.

    In addition, I have been using the lotion and the Ultra Rich Balm on the eczema patches on my fingers for the past 3 months. I have been using a non-fragrance, soap-free hand wash. Although the eczema patches initially calmed down in less than 1 week, they flared up again repeatedly even though I applied the lotion and balm several times everyday (re-applying after washing hands). My eczema still has not cleared up!

  10. Star Rating


    My husbands eczema was getting worse and his existing cream was not working. He has been using this lotion and it has cleared up wonderfully. Real lovely silky lotion that sinks in well and makes the skin feeler softer straight away. I have also been using it on very dry patches on my scalp and it has improved significantly. Love it. I will definitely buy it again.

  11. Star Rating


    After struggling and trying so many products finally i have found the repair lotion that is perfect for my sensitive blemished itchy skin.It has been 10 days and i can notice the rough skin bumpy bits are calming down.The redness is almost gone.I no longer have dry and flaky skin.I have tried few other samples but have been advised to stick to this til my skin heals completely.The best product so far.I really love it.

  12. Star Rating


    The repair lotion is a great all rounder. I have used it as a moisturiser and a body lotion. Settles down irritated skin very quickly.

  13. Star Rating


    This cream is absolutely the best one I have used for dermatitis and eczema in nearly 35 years. Until last year I'd been using the same old creams 'recommended' by doctors and the beauty industry to clear up my skin, i.e. Paraffin based emollients and topical steroids as well as the occasional dose of oral antihistamines. It always came back. It was an endless cycle. I started getting worried about using so much so did some online research and came across Odylique. Gave several of their products a try last year and my skin has never looked or felt better. I ditched Clinique for facial skin care too for Odylique and have received several compliments about my skin since. My skin is glowing and my eczema is gone! I have successfully 'cured' my 5 year old sons occasional eczema with the Repair Lotion too. Even my sceptical husband (an E45 man) was impressed! This cream is surely revolutionary and such reasonable value for the benefits. What an amazing gift the founders of Odylique have given us in their ability to harness nature to its full effect.

  14. Star Rating


    I have used this regularly since last year now, and find it does provide relief for my eczema (although the effects do tend to wear off pretty quickly, and I have to reapply a lot). However, one annoying thing is the design of the pump means there is still quite a bit of lotion left over in the bottle towards the end, but can't be pumped out - I find I have to unscrew the top and manually take the lotion from the bottom of the pump or use my fingers to scrape it from the sides. Could be better designed I feel.

  15. Star Rating


    I developed hand eczema when I was about 14 years old. Quite traumatising to a teenager who had never suffered skin issues before. Being a waitress I am constantly using my hands, getting them wet and hot, drying them out - they can deteriorate to an awful condition. I am now in my second year of uni studying medicine and have worries about going into hospital where I know I will be washing my hands constantly and I am worried my hand eczema will flare up, resulting in cracking and bleeding. Not only is it embarrassing in front of patients, but it can also be harmful. A break in the skin barrier means infections can be easily passed on. I have used this hand cream for about 9 months now and it ***truly changed my life***. I have to use it constantly - every time I wash my hands - but my hands have finally returned at age 21 to being normal. Although when I first apply the cream it can cause a slight tingling, my hands later are red free and soothed. This cream has worked wonders for my self esteem, I will continue to reorder it. Only criticism is this cream irritates my face - but I use a different cream for that anyway! Thank you Odylique.

  16. minnie1/31/2017

    Recently I was suffered with an acute urticaria. I tried oil based balm and argan oil, both from other brands & non-certified, to sooth itchy, swollen rash. My skin condition was worse while sleeping so I found applying oily products ( with very sleepy head ) - not only awkward but very messy ! I remembered I have bought a sample size of the Repair Lotion and one night tried it over my arm. Immediately I felt soothing comfort. It took a while to make rash disappear but I ordered a full size and religiously used it over the body. Thankfully the condition improved after nearly 6 weeks. I have been using only natural products for the last 15 years or so but this unpleasant experience taught me the importance of choosing a safe, right product. Since then I switch from oil based balm to Repair Lotion to use as all over body lotion just for peace of mind and am very happy with it.

  17. Star Rating


    I'm in my forties and have very dry skin on my face. It's not itchy, but it just never really feels moisturised for more than an hour or so, and by the end of the day my make-up looks flakey. I think I destroyed the barrier on my face by using nasty face wipes in my twenties. While the Repair Lotion hasn't made a huge difference, it is one of the nicest moisturisers I've used (and I've used some super-expensive organic ones). It's hard to describe because the texture is neither heavy nor light, but it feels lovely on my face. I've used samples of Odylique's rose and avocado moisturisers and although they are both nice, I much prefer this one. I've been using it for a few months now. I've also just ordered the Ultra Rich Balm, because I believe it can help with barrier problems: I'm going to start applying this more often too, and hoping I will see more definite results. Love it.

  18. Star Rating


    Following a recent skiing holiday, my face and hands got very dry so I ordered this together with the ultra rich balm to see if they could help. Both areas are much better and I'm continuing to use the repair lotion on my face to reduce some areas of problem skin. After reading the other reviews, I had expected faster results but I think that was wishful thinking, particularly after letting it get so dried out. I recommend this lotion, particularly for salvaging dry skin.

    [Odylique Reply]
    Great to hear your dry patches are feeling much better! We normally advise trying a product for 28 days, as that is how long it takes for the skin cells to turn over, but as you mentioned, many people see quicker results and we love hearing that you decided to give it the full chance! :)

  19. Star Rating


    We have been using this magical lotion for different sorts of sore skin problems on me and the little ones: light eczema, red-rubbed-noses in wintertime, saliva-sore chins. It gives relief after only 20 min and if regularly applied our skin heals in a few days. A wonderful product!

  20. Lorna11/25/2016

    Have been using this product since the start of the year with great success. Was used to using expensive anti-ageing serums, all of which regularly brought my chin out in really sore spots. Was worried that my skin would age more quickly with this lotion but can honestly say I haven't noticed any more lines or wrinkles than before and have not had any breakouts since using the Repair Lotion. I now use Odylique for make up and sun tan lotion and would definitely recommend.

  21. Star Rating


    I come back to this cream again and again when my eczema flares up, it just works brilliantly. Thank you!

  22. Star Rating


    I developed psoriasis on my face three years ago, through using wipes with MI in them, and live in hope that this will help control it. I am going to buy a trial size Calendula Balm for good measure too as this seems quite light, (no criticism in that). I have been used to slathering on pure coconut oil so am a bit afraid of not feeling a heavy unguent on my face. It is early days,but I have faith in the ingredients.

    [Odylique Reply]
    Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you for your review.
    We have a section about psoriasis on our website here: http://www.odylique.co.uk/organic-skincare-for-problem-skin/very-sensitive-allergy-prone/psoriasis.html
    Let us know how you get on with the Calendula Balm!

  23. Star Rating


    I am troubled from time to time with a skin rash on my hand and from January have had continuous contact dermatitis between two fingers. I always use organic natural products but my usual cream was not helping in fact I think may have been making it worse. So last Wednesday I ordered the Repair Lotion and it arrived Thursday lunchtime. From the moment I applied it was if my skin breathed a sigh of relief. Cooling and quickly absorbed, the lotion has no scent and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. I continued using the lotion and am truly amazed at how quickly the rash cleared up. A week later there is no sign of the rash. I truly cannot believe how quickly my rash cleared up - I was even considering using a steroid cream which I have always refused to so I am thankful for this remarkable lotion.

  24. Star Rating

    C T4/8/2016

    After trying a sachet of the repair lotion and using on dry flaky/red patches on my eyebrows, I have order the full size after one night's use. The results were amazing the flakes were gone as had the redness. Having tried so many other products before with limited success could not believe how quickly this product worked! Ordered Organic product as the other was out of stock and am sure it will be just as effective.

  25. Star Rating


    This lotion was a very soothing and cooling relief to have on itchy and inflamed skin. I wish the 200ml bottle was in stock more! Overall I thought this was definitely one of the best lotions i have tried on my eczema.

  26. Star Rating


    Non oily but moisturises my son's skin really well. Particularly good on his face.

  27. Star Rating

    Miss Pickles 9/20/2015

    I am a nurse and therefore wash my hands continually leaving them very dry and sore. I tried Repair Lotion and will never look back. It just soaks right into my skin instantly soothing irritation without feeling at all heavy and geasy.

  28. Star Rating


    My daughter suffers from eczema and had a bad flare up recently on her arms. We usually manage to keep her eczema at bay using your moisturisers or calendula balm, but this time needed more and your repair lotion is doing just that, Have just ordered some more, thanks.

  29. Star Rating


    About ten days ago, after a few weeks of application of Repair Lotion and Ultra Rich Balm, my eczema cleared up!
    Believe me, I am extremely happy!!!!! I continue to apply both products at night to keep the area moist.

    Thank you once again for the advice.

    Getting such advice, and being able to speak with a knowledgeable individual makes me very pleased that I have chosen Odylique for my personal care products supplier.

  30. Star Rating


    After the shock of two nasty accidents last year I developed eczema all over my body which sent me into hours of research as I only like to use natural products and quite by magic the Odylique site came up, all I can say is that it was Heaven sent. :-)
    The repair lotion is so soothing especially around my eyes and I have been free of this painful rash in that area for 6 months until yesterday when the tell tale signs appeared and to my horror I had run out of my wonderful lotion, so an urgent order has been placed and I will make sure that I am not without it again. It is so useful to have the 60 ml size in my handbag as a rescue remedy.
    Margaret I can't thank you enough for all your research in developing these wonderful products to help ease the discomfort of eczema x

  31. Star Rating


    The *wonderful* thing about Eczema, is, as it (presumably) heals, it goes thru DIFFERENT stages. Keeps one on one's toes, must be an ailment for advanced souls!?! The first time I applied Repair Lotion, it took a while, but eventually recognised that there was magic instant relief (and repair?) happening. Then ran out. Two weeks later, same even more miraculous. Ran out again. Two weeks later, the effect was not as pronounced. Got me wondering was the formula/ingredients changed? Only the stage of my skin condition i reckon! Thank you again. Order'd more than DOUBLE the usual quantity of this, this time! Lets see what happens when we have a less interrupted run of RepairLotion on us!

  32. Star Rating


    This is a perfect lotion for using on sunburnt skin, on sore scratches from gardening or spots and is instantly soothing.

  33. Star Rating

    X-ema Xpert6/1/2015

    This carefully made product is remarkable. For the uncontrollable fiery itching of eczema (or psoriasis?) it seems to work something magical after one applies it on the skin. Highly recommended. That is all.

  34. Star Rating


    For quite sometime I have had itching, red and swollen leg. Doctors have given me steroid cream, all to no avail, but the Repair Lotion is doing all that prescription creams didn't. It has eased the redness and the itching has gone - all in 1 week. I am so happy with this product. Thank you

  35. Star Rating


    A palmful of Repair lotion with a drop of Ravensara or Lavender oil mixed into it was the only thing that helped me deal with the continuing pain of shingles a few years ago.

    Now I keep it in the house for any dry skin problem, A wonderful product!

  36. Star Rating


    I have tried using this lotion on my skin near my left eyebrow which is on and off irritating, itchy, dry and flaky. I use it together with the very hydrating Ultra Rich Balm with really good results. I apply this lotion first to calm and soothe my skin followed by the Ultra Rich Balm to hydrate the area. They work together well. Keep up the good work Odylique and thanks!

  37. Star Rating


    I bought Odylique Repair Lotion to calm my face when it went red and It's helped. However as I have burst capillaries on my face despite wearing moisturiser and when it's cold or windy a scarf, I decided to massage the lotion into my face night and morning as a precaution. I was amazed and thrilled to find that the lotion has actually repaired a lot of the capillaries. With more time may be all the burst ones will be gone. Certainly my face is much better for having used it. Thank you.

  38. Star Rating


    My skin has been prone to eczema as I've got older so I use the Repair Lotion every day after my shower and again at night. It's quickly absorbed into the skin but is usually effective at stopping the itching for most of the day. Wouldn't be without it and I take it everywhere with me, just in case. In the mornings I use it in conjunction with the Ultra Rich Balm.

  39. Star Rating


    really soothing on dry and irritated skin

  40. Star Rating

    Suzanne 1/26/2015

    Both myself and my husband have been using for a number of years now. In winter, we both get irritated dry patches of skin on our bodies, this product without fail always relieves it. We also always pack it to take on a summer holiday, whenever we get any kind of bumps, dryness or itchy patches, this is the first product we reach for. Also has helped with heat rash. We find we get relief from itching immediately and often the skin irritation goes down within hours. Very impressed.

  41. Star Rating


    This stuff is so good - I somehow managed to get impetigo last winter that gave me a very nasty, deep sore just below my nose, my doctor thought it might leave a scar, it was so bad, but after using this it healed beautifully in under a week, much to my doctors surprise and absolutely no scar now.

  42. Star Rating


    A lovely lotion which I have found to be the most effective and pleasant in helping dry and sensitive skin. I tend to use it after a shower all over my body, it really nourishes and embraces the skin. Thank you for developing it!

  43. Star Rating


    I bought this having tried pretty much everything else to soothe and repair the terribly itchy and crusty rash on my 38 week pregnant belly. In conjunction with the calendula balm it is the only moisturiser that worked! The itchiness disappeared immediately. A few days later the rash is completely gone and the skin has already started repairing. My husband will also try it to soothe a skin condition instead of the prescribed steroid cream. Thank you!!

  44. Star Rating


    About a year ago I was diagnosed with dyshidrosis which is a severe dehydration on the skin of the hands and also possible to be on the feet.
    My condition got so worse in the last 2 months I literally changed the skin on my right thumb. I knew I had to get an emollient right away, but the one I was given didn't do anything + was full of chemicals.
    Then, of course, I figured that my favourite organic brand should have something for me. And they did - the repair lotion.
    The first day after I got it, I used it 3-4 times and the effect was immediate. The skin felt so good and moisturised! All the 'wrinkles' started disappearing and it's not dry any more.
    Here's the place to thank team "Odylique" for saving me from my sufferings.
    I have not imagined it would work so well, but it did! I'll never part with this beauty again and I will definitely recommend it to friends.
    P.S. - I'm also using this on my heels, which are quite dry as well and yes ... you guessed right, it's healing them too :)

  45. Star Rating


    This was the first product I tried by Odylique and I was so impressed with it, that I have since bought lots of other products from them and recommended them to all my friends and family.

    I originally bought this Repair Lotion for my son's eczema-prone skin (which it really worked wonders for!), but now the whole family uses it for any dry, sore, itchy or damaged skin. It soothes, cools, moisturizes and repairs your skin in the most wonderful way - quite simply a must-have product!

  46. Star Rating


    Having reviewed this product in the past I love the fact there is a star review now, and I would like to add this to the review, 4 weeks ago I suffered a very nasty accident and have broken bones, bruises and very bad cuts on my right hand, this has been introduced into my care routine for my hand, I heal very slow and frequently have issues with wounds and cuts not healing properly, this ODYLIQUE REPAIR LOTION has been used to keep my wounds infection free, taken down the swelling that comes and goes and when my eczema flared up on my hand this was one of the few things I could use that did not cause any issues, calmed the eczema down and I love it! and I will be putting some on tonight to help the healing! Wish I could have given it 10 stars!

  47. Star Rating

    D. Tayler6/30/2014

    Repair Lotion and the advice on your eczema information sheet have saved my husband from a lifetime of [steroid cream] use. We can’t thank you enough for producing your helpful eczema information sheet. On it you mentioned that one of the reasons for eczema constantly recurring is the existence of bacteria which colonise the irritated skin. Of course, using heavy duty steroid creams reduce inflammation effectively, but encourage bacteria to flourish even more because they suppress the immune response. Your information sheet was the first time we had come across this...

    Using your Repair Lotion and colloidal silver spray twice a day his eczema started to improve by about the 3rd day. After a fortnight it was gone completely. He had it before that for about 2 years continuously, and was in various degrees of agony!

    Thank you so much!

  48. Star Rating


    I love your massage oil, rose moisturiser & repair lotion...the perfume of them all just gives me a big lift and knowing they contain no nasties is the best thing about them. Thank you for providing such lovely products.

  49. Star Rating


    Really like your specialist products such as Repair Lotion & Calendula balm which have done wonders (chemical free!) for my eczema. Have already recommended (and bought) for friends & family.

  50. Star Rating


    I thought I would write to you to say how wonderful your Essential Care Repair Lotion is. I have a little boy of 2 who has suffered with pretty bad eczema on the back of his legs and on his arms and around his elbows for about a year. The doctors could only give me steroids and greasy emollients. I don't like using steroids as yes they have there place when he has a really big flare up but I was finding that once I stopped using them his eczema would just come back and sometimes it came back worse. Also I don't like the side effects that come along with long term use of steroids. I was struggling to find anything to keep it under control

    I searched the internet for any other lotion I could use and found an article on your repair lotion and found where to purchase some. Since using your repair lotion morning and night I have seen a huge improvement. My little boy sleeps much much better at night as I was finding he would wake as his legs were itching him so badly. I have not seen him itch his legs in well over 3 months now. His eczema does not look red or itchy anymore and he is much much happier. :-)

    I cant thank you enough for producing this lotion - it has been a real help to us and my little boy.

  51. Star Rating

    Survey respondent9/9/2013

    Repair Lotion healed my skin.

  52. Star Rating


    The Repair Lotion is a life-saver. My skin was an absolute mess and I was getting depressed until I started using it. It’s clearing up now

  53. Star Rating


    Got this for when my eczema does go into the itchy phase, its soothing and gives me relief!

  54. Star Rating

    Vicky H7/31/2013

    I love all of the lotions and potions I've tried, notably the Calendula Balm, First Aid Lotion and your brill concealer but the one I have to give you most thanks for is the repair/baby repair lotion.
    I used to dab a bit of your body lotion on my face as moisturiser but then unfortunately for me about 4 years ago I developed seborrheic eczema on my face which became sore and made me essential oil allergic. Needing something milder and not wanting to stray from you I tried the baby repair and haven't looked back, honestly being able to say I've never used anything else and never will do again as long as you continue to make this beauty.
    its perfectly moisturising without being greasy (i used to have a tendancy to breakout, but never with this) making it the perfect face cream for my somewhat picky skin :)
    Thankyou so much for making and don't EVER stop making such fab products, they really are the best

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Ingredients: Aqua, Olea europaea fruit oil*, Stellaria media extract*, Butyrospermum parkii butter*, Chamomilla recutita flower extract*, Calendula officinalis flower extract*, Cetearyl alcohol, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, Hypericum perforatum flower extract, Cetearyl glucoside, Glyceryl caprylate, Phenethyl alcohol, Xanthan gum

Plain English:  Aloe vera juice*, Extra virgin olive oil*, Raw Fairtrade shea butter*, Herbal extracts of Chamomile*, Calendula*, Chickweed*, St. John's Wort and Rosemary*, Non-palm plant glycerine**, Plant origin moisturisers & emulsifiers, Sugar-cane alcohol* (please note that we do not add any alcohol to the product - there is a very small amount of organic alcohol residue contained in one of the ingredients; a biodynamic herbal tincture. By law this must be listed on the product label.)

*Organically grown/produced (min. 95% of product)

press reviews

Press Reviews

“If you’re struggling with eczema, try Essential Care’s Repair Lotion”
Venue, September ‘07

Recommended by The Independent, Prima and Country Living magazines.

Recommended by Easy Living as one of the 3 of the Best Dry Skin Solvers (April 2010)

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